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2/15/18. Thank you for the feedback. I will  be updating the site to be easier to navigate. I know there are many names here and to sorting takes up much valuable time. Some names would hold interest and value to you while others would be of no interest or value to you. Categories will be sorted better and more categories will be added.

There are a lot of domains here to see and you will find ones that will help people find you and the services you provide.

Simple and basic names that are category killers and memorable for the land of cryptography designed to help the world find you. Not everyone is on twitter or reddit or telegram so much of this technology and all of the things it offers and all of the places offering services are not common knowledge.

You will find names that people the world over will be searching out because they are the things of importance they will want as blockchain starts to change all things and the awareness and acceptance of crypto increases and they discover it.

Do they know about you? Does the entire world do twitter? How will they find you? Your peers?  How many domains does Amazon have?  Alibaba?

Insurance? Retirement? Banks? Compliance?

Crypto & banks? Blockchain insurance? Yes, even those things. Some people will need to find a bank that offers crypto investing and trading. That will be their only regulated option to opt in. Blockchain insurance? Of course.

Decentralized Ledger, Ledger Exchange, or Ledger Networks?

Coin Exchange. Coin or Token Distribution?


The following domains are for sale and considering offers:

Zipping nodes through Crypto World faster than a twittering pump

(Atomic Lightning Network)


Also included with


(Atomic Lightning Exchange)

Also included with